Spoonie Luv


Tracy Morgan lends his voice to Yankerville’s puppet citizens in this crank-calling series.

Spoonie Luv Bio:

South side of Yankerville
Girls with strong knees, a badonkadonk butt, and a C-section scar.
Gettin’ a fat bat in his ass in prison

Spoonie Luv Quotes:

I feel you, do you feel me?

Strip club, strip club, for where are thy? Strip club, strip club, shot jizz in my eye.

From your ankles to your instep, I really love your feet. So slim, so strong, so shapely, so graceful, and petite. So wrap your toes around my johnson, it’s time to beat my meat.

Here’s a clip of Tracy Morgan as Spoonie Luv (from up above) on Crank Yankers: